Idaho Business Tour

Year Date

Spring 2020


Idaho, USA

Team Size



HATSU Japan conducted the Idaho Business Tour from February 25th to March 1st, 2020 in collaboration with The Tama Shinkin Bank and Sojitz Tourist Corporation.

In recent years, Idaho has seen a remarkable increase in population to support its economic growth, and at the same time, it is a state that is likely to undergo the most transformation in the future in the United States, Los Angeles, New York, Silicon Valley, etc., which are now difficult to enter. It is a region with diverse business opportunities compared to the big cities of Los Angeles.

Furthermore, we have built a relationship of trust with support organizations such as the state government, and we are fully prepared to accept Japanese SMEs. There are significant business advantages to expanding into Idaho.

The purpose of this tour was to let the tour participants feel the potential of Aodaho and to use it as an opportunity for overseas expansion.

Day 1: The Journey to Idaho

The tour departs from Narita Airport. At the airport, we especially used the DELTA SKY lounge at Narita Airport! Many of the tourists met for the first time on the day, and business cards were actively exchanged.

Day 2: Visit to Twin Falls & Mayor Luncheon

On Day 2, our team met the former mayor during a visit to the Twin Falls City Government. The former mayor gave us a thank-you note and talked about the charm of Idaho.

At lunch, the top people from the neighboring municipalities welcomed us. In addition, our members were interviewed by a TV station in Idaho and had the opportunity to share their thoughts on Japan.

The afternoon was spent visiting companies. The first company visited Seastorm, a precision machinery parts processing company that re-established its company in Idaho from a large city in the United States, and talked about why it chose Idaho.

The second company visited Bridon, which manufactures yarn, and talked about the fascination of Idaho from a manufacturing perspective.

Day 3: Visit with Idaho Government and Chamber

Face-to-face with Governor Little of Idaho. The Governor told us that Japanese SMEs are very welcome in Idaho. At the Capitol, we had lunch prepared by the Governor and provided a place for tour participants to ask questions about Idaho.

HATSU Japan visited the Idaho Chamber of Commerce in the afternoon and discussed the strengths of Idaho.

Boise is the second-fastest-growing city in the United States, and new measures are being implemented to accept more foreign companies.

Idaho Business Tour News Coverage

We have strong ties with the government of Idaho and established the Japan-US Office in Idaho in 2016. After the chamber commerce inspection, we had all the participants inspect the new office of HATSU Japan.

After visiting our office, we visited the food industry, which is one of Idaho’s strengths. Visited three food-related companies: a food lab center, a wine factory, and an apple cider factory. At the third company, Peaceful Berry Farm (Cider Factory), they prepared dinner with fresh agricultural vegetables!

Day 4: More company visits

On the last day, we visited a food processing-related go-go squeeze company and a house of design company that manufactures robot arms. House of Design, which manufactures robot arms, is a start-up company founded in Idaho and is a growing company that has grown from 2 employees at the time of its founding to 92 employees in the land of Idaho.

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