Our mission

Our Mission is to give you the power to create business and bring the world closer together. You use our platform to stay connected with opportunities overseas, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

Our vision

To be the top-solution provider to Japanese SMEs that promotes resiliency, innovation, and globalization.

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a new form of sme

HATSU Japan is a joint venture that was founded in 2019 with a pledge of future development.

Nowadays, the environment surrounding small and medium-sized enterprises is extremely severe compared to a few years ago. In order for SMEs to survive and develop in the future, they must boldly take on the challenges of “marketing,” “development,” “financing,” etc., rather than relying on large companies.

We aim to create opportunities for SMEs to develop and continue by utilizing their experience and knowledge, as well as our strengths of overseas human resources and overseas networks, for SMEs that are trying to tackle these challenges.

Allow us to help your small business or startup realize its full potential overseas.

We Strive To help Your Business find opportunity

Takashi Suzuki

Founder & CEO, HATSU Japan

What we can provide you

  • Marketing Services

    HATSU offers global marketing services, helping you promote your product or service globally.

  • R&D Services

    Interested in starting a new project? HATSU Japan can connect you with R&D partners to take your idea to the next level.

  • Strategic Employment for SMEs

    As part of our Human Resources Project, we can help you locate specialized professional talent.

  • Overseas Development Support

    Need support expanding overseas? We can help you set up for success in an overseas location.

  • Overseas Exhibition Support

    If you require assistance with an overseas exhibition HATSU can assist and help your exhibition become successful overseas.

Let us help your small business

GLocally can connect your business with Japanese companies to take your R&D project to the next level.