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We are a company that was born of an alliance between small and medium-sized Japanese enterprises. A single company on its own may be limited in what it can do, but by forming an alliance with other businesses it can solve many challenges.

Having established a company in the United States, our very purpose lies in gathering information and solving problems with people from around the world. When it comes to forming ideas, human resources are indispensable. We have created a mechanism that allows people to be employed from the US, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Vietnam. It’s a win-win business model.


Alliance Activities


Currently, we are engaged in 10 projects—two large and eight smaller ones—together with other businesses. Progress on each is accelerating thanks to global networks and the sharing of resources.


Incorporate innovation from the US and penetrate the world market


Launch creative ideas to the world


Utilize the comprehensive strengths and advantages of an alliance possessing the capability of Japanese technology


Giving shape to ideas based on Japanese technology and diverse team organization


The drone market



The drone market has been expanding dramatically, and drones are expected to assist with a variety of applications, including delivery services and the transport of people.

昨今マーケット拡大しているドローンマーケットだが、 ドローンには飛行時間にリミットがあるというデメリットも存在している今後ドローンはデリバリーサービスや人を乗せたり、多種多様な用途が考えられている。

However, drones still face the disadvantage of limited flight time due to battery capacity. This poses a significant challenge.


Sensing the global necessity of a charging infrastructure for drones, we have decided to create a drone charging station (DST) and enter the DST infrastructure business.


By making full use of the strengths of our alliances, we are able to respond quickly with design and manufacturing processes that meet market needs. This DST has adopted a non-contact charging system which allows it to charge wirelessly. It offers charging speeds comparable to conventional power outlets. We are building a system that enables design changes based on installation conditions to allow implementation anywhere.
また、アライアンスの強みを生かし、ニーズに合わせた設計と製造のプロセスをスピーディに対応できるようにしている。 このDST(ドローンチャージングステーション)は非接触充電方式を採用しており、ワイヤレスでの充電を行うことが出来る。 充電スピードは従来のコンセント式とは変わらない速度で対応できる。 設置条件により、設計から変更しどこにでも設置できる体制を構築している。



The system incorporates a mechanism that adjusts the wireless charging stage so that charging can occur even if the drone lands slightly off its target.




By installing an automatic landing system and software for image processing, the drone can identify the DST from the sky and accurately set down on the DST landing point.




We are employing a method based on a phenomenon called the Seebeck effect that utilizing gaps in temperature to generate electricity.




By considering the environment and using renewable energy in an eco-charging system, this, in turns, helps to promote sustainable development.


Hatsu Japan


simultaneously engaged in several large projects, and the drone charging system is one of these. Improvements are still being made to this system in anticipation of the day when people all over the world will come to know about its innovative approach. When that time comes, people’s lifestyles will become more convenient and comfortable than they are now.

We are serious about giving shape to ideas. This stems from our desire to be a company that brings comfort and positive change to people’s lives as we deliver innovation to the world.


HATSU USAは大きなプロジェクトを同時に行っている。ドローンチャージングシステムも、そのプロジェクトの一つである。このシステムは現在も改良を進めており、イノベーティブなシステムとして、世界中の人々に知ってもらえるようになるだろう。その時にはすでに、人々の暮らしは今より、便利になり快適さを手に入れることが出来ているでしょう。