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Our goal is to help small businesses realize their full potential overseas.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to give you the power to create business and bring the world closer together. You use our platform to stay connected with opportunities overseas, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

Our Vision

To be the top-solution provider to Japanese SMEs that promotes resiliency, innovation, and globalization.

Diverse Japanese SME Alliance Members

Global Marketing Support

We offer marketing opportunities necessary for the overseas expansion of SMEs. With the development of digital technology, it has become easy for anyone to obtain various information both domestically and internationally, but on the other hand, it has the negative effect of information overload. We have built our own network overseas with local staff, counterparts, government officials, etc., and we are able to obtain highly accurate information that can not be obtained in the news.

Skilled Human Resources Acquisition

A challenge for SMEs is the shortage of human resources. We need human resources to work as workers, but we also need advanced human resources who are the core of the company. It is essential to develop core employees who can think about what the company should be, identify issues, and guide other employees to solve them.  It’s up to you to choose between embedding passion in people who understand the language but not passion, and educating people who don’t understand the language but have passion.

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of all companies in Japan are SMEs

Why Partner with Us

HATSU Japan has vast global experience. As a company, we operate in 4 countries: Japan, Taiwan, The Philippines, and the USA.

In addition, we have achieved a powerful network of Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises seeking to expand their business operations.

HATSU Japan also has partnerships with many American Universities, researching new projects and R&D Opportunities for our Alliance Members.

Global Experience

Powerful SME Network

University & Research Connections

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GLocally is an all-new social media based B2B matchmaking program, allowing you to collaborate and discover exciting business opportunities on the other side of the world. Join our Interest List Today.

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