Refiberd undertaking a noble mission: Solving a $100 billion Global Textile Waste Problem


From efforts in reducing carbon footprint in their operations to utilizing AI technology in reducing unnecessary wastes during manufacturing, companies around the globe are looking for innovative ways to contribute towards the welfare of the society and of the environment, hereby their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). One such start-up company, Refiberd, has poured their efforts on “solving a $100 billion problem of global textile waste”. Founded in Cupertino, California by 3 female engineers in the middle of the pandemic, their response to this enormous problem is to repurpose the threads from discarded textiles.


Removing the constraints in textile recycling — AI and robotics

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Recycling textiles is easier said than done. The difficulty in recycling textiles stem from the inconsistent mix of materials and colors as current recycling sorting processes require the identification of materials entering their systems to properly treat them. Refiberd has designed an integrated textile recycling system that utilizes AI and robotics to sort the textiles properly according to their types and kinds and recycling them with their patent-pending chemical recycling process to produce a 100% repurposed thread: good for a large range of applications, from industrial purposes to hobbies like embroidery.


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