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There is a problem in the mental healthcare industry. Access to the expertise of mental health professionals has been incredibly difficult, and too expensive. Mental healthcare is exceptionally important to your wellbeing, and having access to resources to better understand your mental health wellbeing shouldn’t be a struggle.

A startup named MedCircle founded in 2016 in Carlsbad, California USA hopes to solve this issue. Mental health education is what they offer to help individuals help themselves and their children. MedCircle also offers its expertise and services to help psychology students as well as healthcare workers, doctors, counselors, and psychiatrists in training.

Many individuals conduct their own mental healthcare research, however, Google searches do not guarantee credentialed content, and the popular website WebMd is just a single source of information. You want to receive the latest and most trusted content available from multiple sources while having it delivered in an easy-to-read digest.

How MedCircle works

The platform allows you to select specific topics that apply to you, or that you may be interested in such as ADD&ADHD, Eating Disorders, Family Issues, Trauma & PTSD, Depression, Workplace Issues, and more. After selecting your topic(s), MedCircle will generate a personalized feed just for you.

MedCircle Video Example
MedCircle Video Example, Attachment Theory

MedCircle’s team of twelve doctors and psychologists routinely creates new content and conducts research on various types of disorders, and delivers it in a way that is streamlined and easy to understand, perfect for users that are seeking to understand more about a particular disorder on-demand.

Their team’s goal is accessibility, and MedCircle hosts live classes hosted by a specialized doctor to explain certain topics, making it a great place to learn and ask questions. These classes are live on Zoom and are free for MedCircle subscribers. MedCircle offers a monthly plan starting at $19.99/month, and a yearly plan starting at $119.99/year.

A great value for psychology students

“MedCircle has provided better explanations than any college professor I’ve ever had”. – Testimonial from a MedCircle Student Customer

Mental health trends in America

Mental disorder diagnoses rising in Japan

The digital future of mental healthcare

There are thousands of mental health apps available in iTunes and Android app stores, and the number is growing every year. However, this new technology frontier includes a lot of uncertainty. There is very little industry regulation and very little information on app effectiveness, which can lead consumers to wonder which apps they should trust.

Credentialed apps such as MedCircle are trusted and licensed. It is a great service for consumers seeking to learn more about their disorder and ways to overcome its effects. When seeking healthcare, receiving services digitally is fine. Just ensure the company or individual has professional credentials!

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