Netradyne’s goal to reduce America’s 6 million annual motor vehicle accidents


A San Diego, California-based startup named Netradyne is revolutionizing driver safety with its new driver monitoring technology. In the United States, 6 million car accidents occurred in 2021, and 36,096 deaths occurred. More than 90 Americans die in car accidents every day. This can be a result of poor driver training and unattentive driving habits.

Netradyne offers fleet management tools for companies to ensure their drivers are driving safely to reduce accidents and company insurance claims and liabilities. Netradyne cameras are installed in semi-trucks, company vehicles, and delivery vans to monitor driver performance and habits.

When the smart camera device is switched on, it connects via cellular and edge data centers (where available) to communicate with Netradyne’s servers and the company’s command hub.


Using AI and Edge tech to influence driver behavior

As the driver performs their duty, the smart camera actively monitors the driver and reports any instances of driver distraction, running stop signs, hard braking, and more. Netradyne scores the driver based on their driving performance using multiple metrics. This data is sent to the driver’s dispatcher or manager, who has the ability to monitor low-performing drivers, and coach them if necessary. The camera system is also helpful for insurance claims. Netradyne cameras are constantly running. If an accident occurs, the camera will be able to save recordings, similar to a dashcam.

According to one of Netradyne’s customers, Netradyne allows them to work in a collaborative sense with the drivers versus a confrontational one. They really focus on the bonus part — the GreenZone minutes — which is the vast majority of their time. They claim to be quite content with the system as a whole to focus on safe behaviors.


“If we can save one life, it’s worth it.” — Keith Wilson, President Titan Freight System

While testing their devices, Netradyne has noticed distraction events are reduced by 60% after 2 weeks. Unsafe following distance events were reduced by 76%, and failure to stop at intersections was improved by 90%, according to Netradyne’s studies.


Securing partnerships with logistics companies

Amazon is currently implementing Netradyne camera systems in all of its American delivery fleet. The system is able to detect 16 different signals, including seatbelt compliance, speeding, and even driver drowsiness. It is part of their effort to foster delivery driver safety, and to reduce costly van damages.

Currently, Netradyne is working with other companies to secure partnerships and discover new markets for their smart camera technology.

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